DCS (digital combat simulator)



I mean you have the USS Gerald R. Ford and Liaoning(Kuznetsov class carrier, it was originally laid down as Varyag follow by the soon to be released Admiral Kuznetsov(name ship and a Russian carrier) and French Carrier Charles De Gaulle. Aircraft will include the Rafael and SU-33.


We already have the admiral Kuznetsov in DCS


No I was referring that the carrier Kuznetsov will soon be in CLHD


I like to test DCS, how do I get it




You need the new windows


I know, :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Why don’t you have Windows 10?


It also won’t work, I download too many apps and eventually oops, problems


Is this game free and does it run on Windows 10?


Yeah it’s free


But even in missions, ATC are required to guide aircraft in and out if it was real life. I don’t like crashes… and what if we need to participate in missions worldwide?


Everyone, lists of aircraft modules can be found here. @aviation360 list are mess up.

Terrain modules




Do I need to have GPU to download DCS