DCS (digital combat simulator)



Here we can talk about DCS or ask if any one would like to fly.

Some information about DCS

Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) 2.5 is a free-to-play digital battlefield game.

Our dream is to offer the most authentic and realistic simulation of military aircraft, tanks, ground vehicles and ships possible. This free download includes a vast mission area of the Caucasus region and Black Sea that encompasses much of Georgia. It also includes a flyable Russian Sukhoi Su-25T ground attack aircraft and the famous WWII North American TF-51D fighter. An additional more than two dozen aircraft are available for purchase.

Add on a in DCS are called Modules.

The most recent module is the:

F16CM BL.50

Here’s a list of the current modules:


Name Module type Role App. historical year Developer Release date Status Flight model Systems model
DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2 Aircraft Attack helicopter 1987 Eagle Dynamics 2 November 2008 Released Professional Advanced
DCS: A-10C Warthog Aircraft Close air support
Ground attack 2005 Eagle Dynamics 22 April 2011 Released Professional Advanced
MiG-29 for DCS World Aircraft (3 variants) Air superiority
Multirole 1977-1988 (A/G/S) Eagle Dynamics 10 October 2018 Released Professional Standard
Su-33 for DCS World Aircraft Air superiority
Carrier-based 1998 Eagle Dynamics 22 September 2017 Released Professional Standard
Su-27 for DCS World Aircraft Air superiority 1985 Eagle Dynamics 11 November 2014 Released [43] Professional Standard
Su-25 for DCS World Aircraft Close air support
Ground attack 1981 Eagle Dynamics 26 July 2013 Released Advanced + [44] Standard
A-10A for DCS World Aircraft Close air support
Ground attack 1977 Eagle Dynamics 26 July 2013 Released Advanced + [45] Standard
F-15C for DCS World Aircraft Air superiority 1976 Eagle Dynamics 26 July 2013 Released Professional Standard
DCS: P-51D Mustang Aircraft Fighter 1945 Eagle Dynamics 12 September 2012 Released Professional Advanced
DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 Aircraft 1995 Eagle Dynamics 30 April 2013 Released Mixed Standard
DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora Aircraft Fighter-bomber 1944 Eagle Dynamics 14 August 2014 Released Professional Advanced
DCS: Bf 109 K-4 Kurfürst Aircraft Fighter 1944 Eagle Dynamics 12 December 2014 Released Professional Advanced
DCS: Spitfire LF Mk IX Aircraft Fighter 1943 Eagle Dynamics 16 December 2016 Released Professional Advanced
DCS: L-39 Albatros Aircraft Trainer
Light ground attack 1971 Eagle Dynamics 19 February 2016 Released Professional Advanced
DCS: Combined Arms Land combat 2005 Eagle Dynamics 25 December 2012 Released Professional Advanced
DCS: World War II Assets Pack Air, ground and sea assets 1944 Eagle Dynamics 26 May 2017 Early access [46]
DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Terrain 2017 Eagle Dynamics 30 November 2015 Released
DCS: Normandy 1944 Terrain 1944 Eagle Dynamics 26 May 2017 Early Access
DCS: Persian Gulf Terrain 2018 Eagle Dynamics 25 May 2018[47] Early Access
Hawk T.1Afor DCS World Aircraft Trainer
Light fighter 1976 VEAO Simulations 16 March 2015 No Longer Available[48] External Advanced
DCS: M-2000C Aircraft Multirole 1987 RAZBAM 25 December 2015 Released External Advanced
DCS: UH-1H Huey Aircraft Utility helicopter 1967 Belsimtek 19 April 2013 Released Professional Advanced
DCS: MiG-15bis Aircraft Light fighter 1950 Belsimtek 11 March 2016 Released[49] Professional Advanced
DCS: F-86F Sabre Aircraft Light fighter 1953 Belsimtek 1 April 2016 Released[50] Professional Advanced
DCS: F-5E Tiger II Aircraft Light fighter 1972 Belsimtek 11 November 2016 Released[51] Professional Advanced
DCS: Mi-8MTV2"Magnificent Eight" Aircraft Utility helicopter 1990 Belsimtek 5 September 2013 Released[52] Professional Advanced
DCS: AJS 37 Viggen Aircraft Interdictor
Strike fighter 1993 Heatblur Simulations
(as Leatherneck Simulations) 27 January 2017 Early access[53] External Advanced
DCS: MiG-21bis Aircraft Light fighter
Interceptor 1972 Magnitude 3 LLC
(as Leatherneck Simulations) 19 September 2014 Early access[54] External Advanced
C-101 Aviojet for DCS World Aircraft Trainer
Light ground attack 1980 AvioDev 21 January 2015 Early access[55] External Advanced
DCS: SA342 Gazelle Aircraft Utility helicopter 1973 Polychop-Simulations 29 April 2016 Released[56] External Advanced
DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Aircraft V/STOL

Ground attack
Carrier-based|1991|RAZBAM|29 November 2017|Early access[57]|External|Advanced|
|DCS: F/A-18C Hornet (Lot 20)|Aircraft|Multirole
Carrier-based|2005|Eagle Dynamics|1 June 2018|Early access[58][59]|Professional|Advanced|
|DCS: MiG-19P Farmer|Aircraft|Light fighter|Early 1950s|RAZBAM|1 March 2019|Early access[60]|External|Advanced|
|DCS: F-14A/B Tomcat|Aircraft|Interceptor
Air superiority
Carrier-based|Late 80s - mid 90s|Heatblur Simulations|15 March 2019|Early access[61]|External|Advanced|
|DCS: Yak-52|Aircraft|Two-seat trainer|1979|Eagle Dynamics|3 August 2018|Early access|Professional|Advanced|
|MiG-29 for DCS World|Aircraft|Air superiority|1982|Eagle Dynamics|12 October 2018|Released[62]|Professional|Standard|
|DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Anton|Aircraft|Fighter|1944|Eagle Dynamics|07 June 2019|Early access[63]|Professional|Advanced|
|DCS: I-16|Aircraft|Fighter|1939|OctopusG|10 May 2019|Early access[64]|External|Advanced|
|DCS: Christen Eagle II|Aircraft|Aerobatic|1977|Magnitude 3 LLC|18 January 2019|Early access[65]|External|Advanced|
|DCS: F-16CM Fighting Falcon/Viper (Blk.50)|Aircraft|Multirole|2007|Eagle Dynamics|3 October 2019|Early access[66]|Professional|Advanced|
|DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle|Aircraft|Multirole
Strike fighter|1985|RAZBAM|Unreleased|In development|External|Advanced|
|DCS: MiG-23 MLA Flogger|Aircraft|Fighter|1985|RAZBAM|Unreleased|In development|External|Advanced|
|DCS: F-4E Phantom II|Aircraft|Interceptor
Carrier-based|1970|Eagle Dynamics|Unreleased|In development|Professional|Advanced|
|DCS: F-8J Crusader|Aircraft|Fighter|1969|Leatherneck Simulations|Unreleased|In development|External|Advanced|
|DCS: F4U-4 Corsair|Aircraft|Fighter-bomber|1945|Leatherneck Simulations|Unreleased|In development|External|Advanced|
|DCS: Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) JF-17 Thunder|Aircraft|Multirole|2010|

Here are some screen shots:

image image

Some of my favorite DCS YouTube Channels for DCS



Heres the link to where I got my information


You can Join multiplayer servers for free and Dogfight with other players or join Discords servers and join campaigns all of the YouTube channels linked above have a Discorde server.

I recommend these to FREE MODS
Both have Clickable cockpits

The A4E can land and Take off from the Carrier in DCS

A4E Download link


MB339 Download Link


The MB339 does have Multi crew capabilities when in multiplayer so you can fly with you friend in the back but from my Information the back is not Clickable as of right now.

If you decide download DCS I HIGHLY Recommend to download DCS Open Beta as most servers western on DCS open beta



What is DCS


@BigBert10 I updated the thread it now has background information


Actually, the game play looks good


And the full version is FREE!


You can also join multiplayer servers for free!


Send me the link, I need it. I will show CLGM what is air supremacy


Link to what?


Dcs download


It’s on the website which is linked in topic


There is a DCS Facebook groups if you have Facebook join it(I’ll invite you)


DCS is a really good simulator if you have money. Yes the simulator is free however you only get 2 basic aircraft.

If you want to purchase aircraft such as the f16 or f18 they sell for around £40 -£60. There are also some which go for around £20.

There is also no mouse control support. You can only use the mouse to look around. You must have a joystick to fly the plane or resort to keyboard controls.


The truth is what aircraft do you get for the basics? And do we have ATC? What is it like in multiplayer and is it free? And is it global?


There is no ATC as it is a combat simulator and there is not global as there would be no point in doing so as it’s a combat simulator so you would people to be relatively close to you so you can dog fight


True…so the question is what are the maps


I still have IL-2 as a reserve because IL-2 is all about world war 2 and Cold War, if you’re interested, get Gunship 3 and Gunship Sequel: WW2 :wink: and there was still other combat games I have in mind I want to download :slight_smile:


The default map is the Caucuses

You can buy the Persian Gulf map
(Which includes Dubai which is really cool)

And there is a Normandy map
(Which is probably for WWII stuff with the War Birds available for purchase)


Any WW2 Carriers, I need the Essex and I can crush the enemy with my firepower on the Hellcat


I’m staying with DCS

And you can air to air refuel and you can land on the carrier

Also if you need info on the modules check out the DCS info in the first post


I also need DCS but not when it comes to some true mobile version of DCS AKA Carrier Landing HD but it isn’t a combat simulator, actually similar to IF but feature only military aviation