Christmas theme!



Here is a Christmas theme! Enjoy it :slight_smile: Please provide feedback! We can always change CSS


Love it! I won’t use it though since I’m a fan of the dark side.

Merry Christmas (soon)! You need your Christmas profile pic @Ondrej2021


I will add one soon

I will remove dark for you as a Christmas present @ECoops123 - I won’t as this runs of dark theme


Only problem is the typing… but I imagine that’s not a fixable issue.


Yeah I’ll check it out


Just noticed. I’ll ask Cameron on IFC. @Hymenopus_Coronatus any help?


Just a taster. Happy you like it. I will be changing some elements on CSS soon. :slight_smile: hope it is better. We have a few weeks to perfect it


Me and @Hymenopus_Coronatus will update you here :slight_smile:


Also if anyone except me and Hymenopus_Coronatus is good at CSS PM me


Hmmmmmm…I’ll investigate that. If someone could start typing when I tell you (in a few hours), thatd be great lol


You need admin too :slight_smile:



Oh should be easy lol then