Carrier Landing Air Attack Force updated

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Welcome to Carrier Landing Air Attack Force, a VO seeking for those who’re interested in military aviation.


Carrier Landing Air Attack Force was originally form in October of 2019 as VFA-32(later VFA-31) when it was a part of Global Aviator Military division until it got separated from GAM to form a newly independent VO of VFMAAF consisting of several divisions and later CLAAF to preserve the history of CLGM. Today, we’re a massive VO consists of many allies such as JG77 led by Furryseer and 58th Tactical Fighter Squadron led by BereaBoones. As we continue to expand, we aim to become a highly successful VO and get us very active throughout the course.

A message from our CEO:

As overall commander of CLAAF, I want to be able to become great at commanding the CLAAF and making my VO members feel happy enough to stay here. I don’t want to lose any members of CLAAF because otherwise, it would be not as successful as I hope it would be. We were able to be successful because of the help I got from many people so I want to thank my other CLAAF members for supporting me.

-CAPT. Ken “Maverick” Wei

Founder of CLAAF

Ally squadrons

Knight VFA192:

BereaBoones’s 58th tactical fighter squadron:

Furryseer’s JG77:

Rocket’s VFA-117:

Enderman’s 105th RAF:

Iowa’s VMA-214:

Edge’s 19th Tactical Fighter Squadron:

"friends of CLAAF

Red Squad Reborn:
Task Force Trident:
DCS Training Group:

Our Staff:

Overall commander: FADM. Ken Wei
Secretary of CLAAF: Aerojets
Vice Secretary of CLAAF: Tomskull
Chief of CLAAF Operations: ADM. DELVIN
Vice Chief of CLAAF Operations: ADM. Rocket

Our divisions:

VFA-32- Ken Wei
389th fighter squadron: SGT. Matt Mace