Can’t upload pics

So, when i go to uplode pics i get a notification sayinf cant lode content. I cant even share a pic of what i see. Note my phone has updated today and its not the best update. I dont like it. Could it be that?

What message is it?

It says cant lode content at the moment.

Can I have a screenshot of the message?

Mabey this

It has to be a certain type the most common would be JPEG try to screenshot the pic you want then try to post it

I cant lode my files.

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Have you restarted your phone / device?

Yes, i have.

My device os a Samsung S9
Version 10 todays update
I use the discors app

So when you press image and choose files (can’t load?) are they in any of these:


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I dont get that.

Does it happen of IFC?

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Yes it does, just checked.

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OK, then this is a issue to do with your phone I think not Discourse. If the issue persists seek help from Samsung or (not sure how far you will get there)


Ok, thanks

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Whats this

That is a staff notice. It was added to let us remember to watch out for this issue.

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