Birthday topic

Are these topics allowed? There is this #b-day

It is a tag not a hashtag.
Why it can’t be allowed?

To write tags you have to add a # in front

Yes but isn’t the same, tags are small hashtags inside a hashtag.

Idk but I think they are allowed. If they are happy to @ECoops123 11/03

Can a mod help or @Qantas094

Birthday topics are allowed but just be sure to keep them in the b-day tag


They’re allowed in the correct hashtag/tag!

As mentioned above birthday topics are allowed and will be closed shortly after because, it’s only one day…

We will probably keep this tradition for the time being until we gain too many members to account this for, and most likely create a thread for it, depending on when, I will add people’s birthdays when created.



It’s used when someone has their birthday. So until then there’s not gonna be a topic about someones birthday.