ATC Emergency Fuel Dumping in Zurich - Edelweiss Flight 24

Listen to (see) the ATC Conversation here

ZURICH, Switzerland - On Wednesday, 1 January 2020, an Edelweiss Air Airbus A340-300, registration HB-JMG performing flight WK-24 from Zurich (Switzerland) to Cancun (Mexico), was climbing out of Zurich’s runway 16 when the crew stopped the climb due to an abnormal indication for engine number 3. The crew shut the engine down, proceeded with fuel dumping and returned to Zurich for a safe landing on runway 16 about 80 minutes after departure. The airline later reported that a false indication prompted the crew to shut the engine down. The aircraft remained on the ground for about 110 minutes, then departed again and reached Cancun with a delay of about 3.5 hours.

What happens when you dump 50 tons of fuel only 12,000 feet over Zurich?


Interesting question :slight_smile:


Fuel everywhere :slight_smile: