Approval and basic

  1. Whay the hell do my posts need a moderator approval. It’s super annoying. :frowning::imp:
  2. I got a Basic what is that?


Basic = Discourse (what these forums run on) Trust levels. You are TL1. A basic user.

Moderator approval - Why do you think we have your posts being flagged by any chance? :hugs:


1 spelling (just kidding)

Basically contradicting yourself. Let’s have a really good guess :upside_down_face:


I don’t know @ECoops123?


So I am getting loads of badge


That’s because you are doing things like posting emoji


Just been doing out some funcions of forum



I don’t need to question this any further. Just make sure when you close this topic @ondrej2021 to make it un-viewable

I suggest you read this


No you haven’t you are spamming flags.

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