American Airlines Old Boeing 737-800 Departure Out of Dallas With a Major Thunderstorm


G’day all, so the other day I was on solo and I had thought, what great shot could I get with the old American Airlines livery on the Boeing 737-800. I thought what good shot could I get taking off and well it turned out really well. I am very proud of this edit and just looks stunning. There also turned out to be a major thunderstorm at Dallas at the time of taking the picture.

E0D2D45D-0E86-4C7B-A210-F9B8095289C3 Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW) to Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW)

5A1F80C5-9E12-4E9F-BBA6-802D703DD3D5 American Airlines Old Livery With The Boeing 737-800

0B47D797-DDC2-4D0A-92AE-E86E44527846 Sometime in the morning

09EDF007-2A54-4E30-87D6-3C9C2FB4F46D Solo

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The real AA Old 738 flew to DCA today and I saw it turning final from my school!


Wow that’s a lot of lightning :cloud_with_lightning:


I saw it on FR24

You’re lucky your school is under the approach path


I don’t think weather will like this for aircraft to take off :smirk:


Am I watching the thriller movie in only with Planes


Nice! A little over edited though :wink:

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