Airbus vs Comac


I know I already created another topic today but I feel this is necessary because I notice the Comac cockpit is almost similar to Airbus, just take a look at the C919

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Airbus. We all know that I like them over anything else. @swiss said comac looks like Airbus and 787 mixed. I am 50% on this.


I mean Comac is cleaner in the cockpit to say the least: the cockpit is almost similar to Airbus


And the 787 displays


It almost looks advanced, like some sort of high-tec cockpit


Oh well so what it’s not like it’s a secret weapon


Well let’s not speculate things


RIP anyway back in topic


Comic copied airbus A220


A350 and 787 also @Gm2kmike20


Oh yeah that long range one they done with russia


This is so pretty (GO COMAC)


Saw that on Facebook