Airbus vs Boeing


Airbus VS Boeing!


Airbus and Boeing have both drastically changed the aviation industry. In this topic, you’ll be able to speak which one you think is better or which one do prefer to fly with or pilot your self?
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Question to you

I like aitbus better because, it has a more clean cockpit. It is more organised


Airbus seems more stable but I don’t like joysticks I prefer yokes. its 50/50 for me!


Have a good think a side stick is more modern and can’t be boiled or cooked but a yoke can be cooked and boiled.


Oh, man… I can hardly breathe for laughing :joy:


Airbus, for so many reasons. Safety, design, reputation and just how good their aircraft look compared to Boeing.

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This should interests you. It’s a cockpit of A319


Sure does. This is why I prefer the airbus cockpit ls better


I mostly takes Boeing not Airbus although I really want to take on an A350 some day. I will be lucky enough if I can take an A350. :slight_smile:


@J2S I thought you would be active here… :smirk::joy:




Ermm, just look at the cockpit, it is messed up.

With airbus you know where things are.


What is that?


Yeah ik but the side stick on an Airbus looks like we’re playing Need for Speed Payback on the Boeing we have a yoke which is better for control of the aircraft @ondrej2021


But it’s in the way of your legs


In my own personal preference, I just like the cockpits style better. Especially the B787’s cockpit and the B777X with touchable screens. I prefer them because I feel like I’ve got more control over the aircraft. If I’m flying a plane I prefer to feel I have control. That is just my personal opinion, I still don’t mind if I fly Airbus or Boeing.


I support you full force, I am with Boeing. Truth is both are competing rn in just about anything and I meant like speed etc. and there’re many more participating in Airbus VS Boeing competition like Mitsubishi, Bombardier, Embraer etc.


Boeing all the way!

If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t goin!!!


yap, exactly, the most common aviation meme :wink:


Exactly what @BigBert10 said

If It Ain’t BOEING it Ain’t GOING


Airbus is always better than Boeing. It seems to me to be passanger friendly. Even mentor pilot said he prefer A350 to the 787.