Airbus A320 Family vs Boeing 737 Family


Get your popcorn and candies ready, cuz things are about to get interesting…

A320 or B737?

A320 for lifeee!

Happy debating!


Airbus A320 For Life!


A320 to the moon, sun and back! :blush:


Just look at this beauty

Source : Google Image


cough cough just look at that old technology cough cough


Nahh, 737 is a legend. Who cares about the old technology btw. And yeah it’s very safe plane except the beautiful 737 MAX.

From 1960s - Present


Long Live The Airbus A320


737 all the way. It’s only my favorite aircraft. And with split scimitars on it… oooooh :fire:


Just look at the split-tip for Boeing 739, 737 for the win.


A320 has to much technology… to many systems and you don’t get the true feel of hand flying the aircraft unlike in the 737 so…



Explain: do we live in 1980? Most people are allergic to manual labour


It’s not manual as the there are still automations in the 737 BUT if you fly the A320 you don’t get to really “feel” the aircraft Unlike if you fly the 737 you get the real feel of flying.



Such an adorable airplane!!!


Although I’m a huge Boeing fan the 737 (Only the NG and MAX) didn’t cut it for me, I prefer the A320 over the 737 (NG and MAX).


Com’on vote for ther Boeing 737. It’s the Boeing 737 who also served for the military, not A320. Just look at the C-40 clipper made from the Boeing 737. A320 None military service


You do realise that an American product is going to be used in America? There is no choice


I know…but what I meant to say was it’s better to fly military aircraft than commercial ones.


I’ve been in both aircraft, and I will say that the 737 felt larger and more natural than the A320. Yeah the A320 has better lighting, but the 737 feels more at home and right than the bulky nature of the A320.


Boeing all the time


Man why the Qantas 737…oh wait there is a Qantas A320.