AFCVARB Information Thread - 2020

The Aviation Forum Community Virtual Airline Regulatory Board

Application Process | User Watchlist | Policies | Reservation List

The Aviation Forum Community Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the governing and assisting body that controls and coordinates all efforts and operations within the VA community.

The AFCVARB is intended to bring the community together and have some fun all while being professional.

Our main goal is to benefit those who want to be part of an airline for any flight simulator on any device.

The AFCVARB is made up of a team of volunteers. They have either been a CEO of a IFVARB VA or trusted member on the IFC and AFC.

All members of the AFCVARB have been specially chosen for their maturity, expertise, and experience involving VAs and on both the AFC and IFC. Membership on the board is on an invitation-only basis but for now to join the board please contact @Qantas094.

AFCVARB Team Members

Owner | They run and over look all operations of the AFCVARB and ban or deny a VA at any moment.

Owner | @Qantas094

Supervising Staff | They have the right to close down and ban any VA at any time and have the final decision on approving a VA.

Supervising Staff | @Sashaz55

Administrators | The managers of AFCVARB, front line personnel, and point of contact for dealing with VA matters.

Administrator | @baseball_inferno
Administrator | @Starz
Administrator | @ECoops123

Members & Leaders | The people who make the VARB tick with their hard work in certifying VAs.

Leader | @Maverick_Kenwei

How do I know what Admin and Leader I’ll get assigned to?

You will get an Admin and Leader assigned to your application based on the region of your VA/VO. The regions are below