AFC's Infinite Flight 777-300ER Rework Tracking Thread

Tracking Thread for the 777-300ER rework.

Confirmed features:


not a rick roll I repeat not a rick roll

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It links to Misha saying that they like the Kuwait livery on a different variant more, basically confirming it.

No they already announced it when the 777 was chosen for the next rework

Oh dang it, that was supposed to be a whisper. Oops. It was about how all variants of the 777 are being reworked, not just the 772

Hey everyone. After discussing it, we are going to close this topic until we have actual information on the next update and the variants/features coming with 20.2. We will open this again once information starts coming in.

-The Moderation Team


I’ve decided to open this topic as Infinite Flight released the first picture of the 77W rework

I’ve also made the topic a wiki, so when ever new conformed information comes out, TL3’s can add it for you.


Ooh magic!

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I’ll be sure to check for updates and add anything that’s confirmed

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I find it odd that they posted that the day after I posted my leaked image… and also that I somehow knew that the 77W was being reworked next… probably just a coincidence.

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It looks so colourful that it won’t be released for another 2 years.

Hopefully it releases sooner then that :wink:

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Misha confirmed it to be out by the end of the year.

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Reading on, I quote:

“Here’s an early rendering from the additional fuselage sections from when work began”

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It’s like it comes tomorrow and the entire IFC explodes sending the servers back to the depths


I want it now


We all do