Aeroflot Boeing 739 Departure Out of Moscow



G’day all, the other day I was flying from Moscow to Amsterdam in the Aeroflot Boeing 737-900. When I was looking back through the replay I caught a glimpse of this magnificent takeoff. This was some time in the afternoon.

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That climb is a bit too shallow and the flaps are extended a bit too much, not good for the aircraft… but nice pic.


Possibly done for effect?


Possibly, maybe he twisted the pic during editing, Idk, so who am I to speculate lol.


I usually start off with a little pitch and slowly increase it up to 10 degrees.


Great photo mate!


I got there before you :joy:


I’m not desperate at all. They are actually copyrighted and every time you do that your actually breaking the law, would you like me to make a terms of use for the pictures?


Is that copyright approved by any official?

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getting quite off-topic. Read the Australian law on copyright. It should be universal, but it isn’t.


No need. We understand what © means :+1:

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