About my badges

@ondrej2021 this isn’t a complaint but I have just noticed that I should have gotten at least 2 badges which I haven’t been given yet. Any ideas on what happened?

What badges are they? There is a known delay in badges showing up sometimes.

They are these badges, first flag, reader, gives back

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Give them some time to show up.

They haven’t shown up for ages like 1 week

The first flag one did you pick an option or the your post in option?

I’m confused

So did you pick the your post in option or one of the other ones. It be the reason it hasn’t showed up. If not it’s probably just a bug. I had to wait like 2 months for my badge to show up on the IFC.

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Oh ok thanks

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@Gm2kmike20 have you had any luck?

I received one badge yes

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OK we’ll keep waiting

And waiting… and waiting… Aand waiting

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Give us a shout when something happens

I will do that

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