A350-800 vs A330


The A350-800 was cancelled due to low European demand over the fact that European airlines felt that the A358 was just another A330, but with a different name. What do you think?


Totally deluded :slight_smile:


How so?


This, A350 is a different aircraft that is bigger, longer range and better


I do think the A358 was another A330, it practically would’ve been another A330neo. I think if Airbus had created this aircraft it would rival its own aircraft (A330neo). If this aircraft was made it would’ve been more expensive to operate where as the A330neo stands at a much cheaper operating cost and even fuel efficiency. I think the A330neo serves it’s purpose as an efficient jet to serve medium long haul where as the A350 serves long and even Ultra-Long-Haul. In saying this I think they both serve a different purposes but I don’t think the A350-800 would’ve been as successful.


Yes, however the A350-800 had the shape of an A350, but the size and range of an A330, so it was cancelled.


I suppose :man_shrugging:


My opinion is that the A358 should have been used as a replacement to that gap of the 757 that’s now forming


But the 757 was designed to go into smaller, more regional airports from longer distances, whereas the A358 would be too big for that replacement.


Well if I were the CEO I would make the A358 the replacement for the 757 and One up Boeing whilst they develop there rumored 797


The A358 wasn’t designed to replace the Boeing 757. The Boeing is set for a completely different market to what the A358 would’ve been set for.


I know I’m just saying the I think airbus should have done that


And therefore putting Boeing under ALOT of stress


1 answer, a cancelled project never wins. A330ceo for life.