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Ok so, as we all know there is the AM tracking thread. But when trying to filter through Airlines, it can take a while. I’m imposing a special category that CEOs can post in and make a general thread about their airline, and post updates on their own thread to stay organized


I would love for this category to be added…there are a lot of airlines in AM that are also on the AFC, so it would be great if each airline had their own thread. And it’s not only the CEOs who can post, but also other AFC members as well, especially if they have questions or would like to start a partnership, etc


@BigBert10 that would be great for our alliance
And each airline

@Starz you have my vote


Yeah! It would be beneficial for all AM CEOS! :smiley:


Just tag the topic with the Airline Manager tag

You can make a topic and tag it. Then you have all your airlines off AM in 1 place.

When you press the tag it will show all the AM topics :slight_smile:


So what have you decided? A category or is the tag OK?


I would love for the category to be created! It can go under the fictional world category!


Don’t you think there is too many categories though? Tags are meant to organise apparently.

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Yeah i think it should just be a tag but there should be shortcut to access all of the tags and then click on what category of tags you want to view.


Yes, there is a shortcut it is here

You can access it via the hamburger icon and then tags.

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