Suggest any aircraft we’ll draw it




What about that Qantas 789 I posted earlier


Nice, it was only last October when I flew my first 757-200 on Iceland air. I will never forget Iceland


@Bravo.C I know you have a 787-9 that you haven’t shared here


HOW?! How is it possible to draw such good photos?! Lmaoo well done man.



Practice helps a lot to improve one’s score


Currently working on a water colour painting of an Air Berlin B737-700! Stay tuned for updates :wink:

I’ve finished the sketches. I’m going to my physiotherapy session because of a leg injury, so I’ll be starting my painting tomorrow!


Nice one! get better soon


Thanks mate! Legs getting better :smile:


Haha thanks!

“entraine toi” as it’s said in French :wink:


Philippine Airlines A320!


Looking smooth @Bravo.C


If you want a Russian aircraft how about a YAK-40?


Cathay A350-900 requested by @Aviation360


Can you draw the Dreamliner please?


I’ve got a lot of requests mate. I will probably but later on :+1:


Guys any B787 suggestions? Not Qantas


Why not Qantas? Qantas is the best airline out there. They are the safest airline out there. The Dreamliner for Qantas is enabling them to study for Project Sunrise.


Because I honestly don’t like the Qantas livery in the B787


Fine then.