Random Chat


Does anyone have Airline Empires?


That’s my bad, I forgot about that! Please do forgive me!




I can sign you up tomorrow


If someone likes this message, I will have 1000 received likes on the AFC!


wait nevermind I need 6 more


How is your computer not dead with a billion tabs open?


It’s actually 50 and my computer isn’t dead


Mine proceeds to find yours and take it home to me to investigate it.


Hey check out the flyover for Texas Motor Speedway that happened this past weekend


That could be in a category of itself. It’s abiation related


Yeah it could


What are your thoughts on this?




@JacksonAviation Emo trinity or emo quartet?


@JacksonAviation emo baseball or emo Sasquatch?


@baseball_inferno @Azure I’m sorry I don’t understand what you guys are saying


Kinda not feeling this whole vibe of Topics getting closed for no apparent reason. For example…

I’ve looked through the category. Nothing in there (for the most part) is Aviation related.

Random chat, Memes, Thunderstorms etc. But mine get’s closed? Smh. Don’t mean to be that guy cuz I never am, but you wanted more topics, yet you go around and close them…


If you would like to talk about this you can PM me or any other of the Moderators. Thanks.


@CR3W topics without any apparent meaning or much thought won’t start a positive discussion and will get closed, the thunderstorm topic is a positive discussion as it’s very formal this topic is as well but not very formal, having a topic that’s just a poem may as well be posted in here and not on a separate topic.