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Eventually FS2020 will out match IF 5 to 0


Basically it’s better than IF


Lol how hard can it be for instruments if other mobile Sims have it?


Yeah maybe I’ll get f2020 once it comes out and I’ll get the pro version but for now IF is much better in my opinion




The moment when everything’s going crazy



Thanks for the advertising bro!


IF is taking longer for live cockpits because they put more detail in them


Thanks @Qantas094 for saying hello in Chinese


You’re welcome mate


You welcome!!


This is the music we need to commemorate the realistic flight sims of Infinite Flight, Carrier Landing HD, RFS, FSX(the 4 I mentioned will be use for the first 8 min with 2 min for each flight sims) follow up by X-Plane Mobile, X-Plane 11, P3D, and FS2020(the last 8 min and again it’s 2 min for each flight sim, we’re going to turn the music into a 16-min video of course). The music would actually “fits” as the video background music


Also, pls invite Nate schneller if anyone want, we need him to show us his best shot from any flight sims


Bruh is my Ferry gets cancelled tomorrow night I’mma slap a dude


Me trying to fix an issue:


Looks like hard work!


I asked on the Discourse Meta but they didn’t help.


Could be worse. Could be stuck at work in the rain


What a surprise. :slight_smile:


@KC3DLL Thanks for the escort! There’s a Naval Air Station near Reno (KNFL) that you can head to! :slight_smile: