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I’m currently in bed getting ready to sleep :slight_smile:


Ok, no problem



They seem better suited as administrator purposes?


@baseball_inferno you hear about the TUI 757 which came to IAD today?




You didn’t see it???


Departing for A Coruña now, anyone want to join?


Do you want to join me for a red-eye? JetBlue 20 from SAN-BOS departs at 12:22 AM EDT arrives at 5:50 AM EDT


I am very kewl Connor even says so


I can’t, I’m doing career mode and I’m scheduled to fly to Barcelona and Fort Lauderdale after I land in A Coruna.

wish I could though


Kewl enough to deactivate me from the slack that I shall not enclose




Today, October 26th, marks a history in flight sims as 108th squadron under the command of vini from Gunship sequel: WW2 has a partnership with Carrier Landing HD CLGM(Carrier Landing Global Military) under the command of David Collins of the Air Force, even CLHD dev James Labbe is in it, however, the original commander is Admiral Jim McInnis but he left along with Captain Cade Norris Books with the additional of 5 members banning from CLGM. Both of which are in discords


Hey guys! How’s was your day?


here’s something, aeroplane chess


My day/night is going fine. Still stuck at work


'twas a day well spent taking a prep test and with my therapist


Tomorrow ‘twis a day when BA switches their service from a 744/744 to an A388/789, Air France is sending the 77W and A332, Alaska is flying More to Love, and other special aircraft will possibly come to Dulles tomorrow.


So tomorrow as in monday?


My friend sent me this and I have no idea how long it is…