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I just finished AP Physics homework and it killed me

It is 12:10 AM here so I need to go to bed because I have school tomorrow XD


Having Enchiladas for dinner


Hello, my name is sick


Stuck at school currently in Health class


Stuck in prison(school) for another 2 years


I’ve another 4 to go and then another 4 in college but college is better than high school


I got 3 GCSE’S 2 years early. I’m lucky enough go get that :smiley:.


Which GCSE was it? My friend took astronomy and got a 8 when he was in year 10


Maths 5, cooking/hospitality some grade, and some part of Entlish lmao


Otra publicación muy aleatoria en el salón, pero qué puedo decir es el salón. Era un video muy aleatorio y no lo entendí en absoluto.


English please.


Could a moderator approve my topic in #real-world-aviation please?


Wow, realmente me gustan tus habilidades en español. Debes haber estudiado realmente las artes de Google Translate.


We are not on all the time - sorry about that (i’m in school and other mods are sleeping rn) Get to TL2 and you don’t have to worry about it :slight_smile:


I’m awake, the time zone I live in is -5 hours UTC


I am TL2


Oops, it must be a word in the require approval list then


I hate science.



I love science and history but hate math
pacifically algebra