@Dylan_M you can suspend here: admin.users/qantas094 scroll down.

pls don’t :joy:


I will suspend all flights to and from LGA until 3019.


lol, so what happens after 1000 years?


The Zombie Apocalypse


@Dylan_M I’m going to say JFK because it’s the only airport that has 3 daily nonstops from SJC

EWR is second place because it has nonstop from SJC

LGA is third (I’m sorry) because there is no nonstop to there from SJC

BUT!!! If I do fly to New York and it has a cheap price nonstop from my starting point, I’ll try to fly to LGA


Ma man @BigBert10 and all the ppl who came out to support JFK
@Qantas094, @ondrej2021, @J2S , @ECoops123
And anybody else who’s likes JFK (over LGA)
An honest opinion bec I think I’m the person on the forum who has been to both airports the most (or have flown out of them at least)… there both not great… JFK being 2 big and confusing and rlly not so nice as a whole.
LGA (some parts) being discounting (B gates especially) and outdated and cramped… but with the construction hopefully we will se it emerge as a tip airport


The only reason I prefer JFK is because it has 3 daily nonstops to SJC

But I do agree with you that JFK is a nightmare in terms of convenience and getting around the airport

EWR for me is in second place because Alaska has a daily nonstop there from SJC


Believe it or not, I went to LaGuardia as well and there’s a direct flight from LGA to Pearson for Air Canada and in my opinion, I still like JFK better because it’s larger and probably has more direct flights than LGA


EWR is Dump according to my parents when they had a stopover there.

They didn’t like it at all

And besides I like JFK and LGA

KJFK because
… D
… Y

But I think LGA is a much nicer airport as it’s a smaller airport one so it’s probably Like HOU where it’s easy and convenient

And I like LGA because IAH gets a A220 service from Delta Daily


There was an attempt


I’m still standing by that Kid is better


Yeah it was a attempt at John F Kennedy


John F Kennedy Int’l is better

the end



Just kidding I’m all for JFK


I think it’s fair to see that JFK is the clear favorite


JFK definitely!


I like New York’s Stewart International (SWF), they get tons of random and cool aircraft, UN week there is amazing for spotters, and they get diversions from all three New York airports. 10/10 airport for diversity and spotting!


But for the debate, I like JFK more because they send us Delta A320s (which we never get; ATL sends us the A321/717, MSP sends us the A319/A321, DTW sends us the A319/CRJ, LGA sends us the E170, MAD sends us the E170, CVG sends us the CRJ/717, SLC sends us the 752, and LAX sends us the 752 ) and American 738s!



I’ve never gone to LGA, so I have to choose JFK, especially because of the TWA Hotel.