Guess The Aircraft!


Not a 720…




Nope. It’s a widebody aircraft…


747? It can’t be a 767 because Eastern didn’t operate them in that livery.


Well, it is a 767! It operates in the eastern livery, however it previously only has eastern titles. It was only recently painted in the full livery


I knew it’s a 767 before Clay said it is the 747 as Boeing 767 is newer compare to the 747


But you didn’t reply with your guess, so Clay gets the turn


It’s because of the 500 internal server error, I have try to reply but didn’t work for that reason and I don’t know how to fix the issue and am about to do my work(which took me until approximately 9:18 PM) so I ignore until today when I can reply again. I want to reply first when you said that the aircraft is a widebody aircraft but due to the 500 internal server error, I can’t reply and I am about to do my work so I wait until today. By the time I finish my work, I am on Instagram posting an Insta story via my iPad and it wasted me another 8 min or so(due to the selecting music part which you can use 15 sec of the music and I don’t know which part to use)or so and by that time, I am about to go to bed. :frowning_face::frowning_face:


Well, Clay got the answer before you, so he gets the turn




Take my turn




A330? dk what livery tho


Yes, hint: the airline is from China


I would think China Eastern, but idk.


Yap :slight_smile:


Here is the aircraft, now guess it!


It’s too small to guess


If you know your aircraft from the 1920s, it should be really easy!


So it has to be a prop aircraft