Design Your Own Airline or Repaint


Yeah, thank you




Skywind has a new look


Uhhh where’s my China Southern A350, it’s been more than 3 days


Uhhh people have a life :slight_smile:


I have to make a new sharklet for the A350 which I only noticed yesterday, and I have to do other things like college


Now I couldn’t make the new A350 sharklet as I’m not skilled in making templates/template modifications, so I completely ditched the CSN livery (Sorry @acesoftheace_kenwei), So I recreated this instead:


That’s fine, I also like ANA



Actually you can do a 787 China Southern as well


Hmm ok I could give it a go


How do I make a background. I want to use this aircraft but I don’t know how to switch background or make it like you guys(the aircraft is in a direct side view)



A couple liveries I did this weekend


Good! Thanks for sharing @Luftwaffle


Here’s my recent work
BF109 K4


FW-190 and P-51D pls


I thought you said you weren’t making templates anymore?


I stopped for a while. I think i forgot to say that :thinking: