Design Your Own Airline or Repaint


I would do P-51, but not now maybe in the future as I’m doing C-47 right now


Could you do a P8 later? (It’s my favorite plane)


and a C919 as a honor of Chinese 70th anniersary since 1949


Idk, now I know that making template is hard and stress work to do. And also it takes alot of time to do one

I’ll stop making templates for a while now


This is my ugly C-47/ DC-3


Boeing 777-9X


No problem


You guys are good at this stuff!


I’m running low on liveries to recreate (I don’t do concepts or what ifs) so does anyone have a request?


I feel like this is in the wrong season but can you please do a Ryanair with the santa on thr nose of the aircraft?
Thanks in advance


I love it, let’s see a A35K now and see which looks better for project sunrise.



The A35K suits Qantas’s livery




I’m gunna do the normal Ryanair livery is because I cant find the Santa they used for the nose


OK, never mind - thanks anyways :slight_smile:


The new livery is trash


Nothing beats the love of the hero of the Pacific war of WW2. I am not sure if it belongs here tho


My dad’s favourite aircraft of WWII