Aviation Chat Podcast!


Right now we’re not really accepting interview requests unless said person is famous but maybe we will hold an interview contest one day. Who knows


The Jeb Brooks interview has begun! That’s now in the works and he is 100% on board!


Yeah it took me a while to put the puzzle together and find out that Swayne Martin is Gay (yes I know that word probably isn’t allowed but that the proper term that everyone uses I forget the correct term)


But i still watch his videos none the less


@Aviation360 not really sure what that has to do with this. Yes, he is gay, and yes he has a boyfriend. I don’t think we need to hear that you put it all together


Fair statement but I am looking forward to watching your videos/podcasts

I love the podcasts and will continue to watch them

Keep up the great work


Woah! We’re on Anchor Now! This is a platform that allows you to listen (for free) and give us feedback, but does so much more for us! Since we all live across the country, this allows us to record live together and edit each other’s topics! This also allows us to make money from our podcast with short 30 second ads of our choosing! Oh, and did I mention that you can submit questions for us to answer? That’s right, just follow this link: https://anchor.fm/aviationchat/message

Also, I posted a new video hosted by me on the YT Channel last night!


Thank you so much Second Lieutenant Sam Eckholm for being our first guest on the Aviation Chat Interview Series! Our next guess will be Jeb Brooks coming soon!


I watched it

And I said hi to @Sashaz55 In the comments


Your commentator was really enthusiastic


Looking for advice…

How do you guys reach out to these people to ask them to interview?


That was you? Well hi! :wave:


Yeah click on my profile you’ll see my name

I have yet to fully switch to my “actual” YouTube account that I plan to use to post videos which I have already posted 2


We just get in contact with them via Social Media


Yes that is Landen, he is a member of our team. He produces all of our Military content for us. He did this interview with Sam because he is in the Air Force. All of us our enthusiastic about aviation and we truly believe that shows in the video


Thank you. Keep up the good work


No problem, thanks for checking it out!


We’re super excited at Aviation Chat to announce the addition of Shane! He is our fourth member of our team! A video on him should be coming shortly


Hey @JacksonAviation I didn’t know you wanted to go to Embry Riddle! In fact I plan to go to college there as well, but I plan to go to the KAFW one though


That’s so cool! I’ve wanted to go there my whole life