Aviation Chat Podcast!


Major news sources that write the articles about aviation, however if there is any chance for bias or is bias than we don’t use it


Would AvHerald be a source you guys use alot?


I’ve never heard of it


I have lost all faith in you, Jackson. This is why we can’t have nice things.


andipoop (kinda off-topic)


I want to do one but how do I do an aviation podcast


Just think of a name and have people lined up to talk to or talk about


show me


I mean you can YouTube search aviation podcasts and a lot will come up


Aviation Chat is proud to announce our new Interviews series starting soon, where we will be interviewing people from all corners of the field of aviation


You can interview me because I’m a student pilot!


I’ll keep that in mind. All members of our team are student pilots as well


Same, I will be working with the Civil Air Patrol(sorry for going off-topic)


Well our first interview is in the works right now! It is was Sam Eckholm of the USAF F22 Demo Team! (He’s also Swayne Martins boyf if you find that name familiar)


Update on Interviews:
We are beginning contact with Jeb Brooks, famous trip reporter about an interview!


when can you interview me about aviation and flight sims stuff


Asking to be interviewed is not the way to do it. Let them connect you first and if they ask u, then you can accept/deny


Sorry, I just never know how an interview/podcast is supposed to work and how people connect to each other. :confounded::confounded::confounded:


All good. Just tryna help people out. Who knows maybe there will be a time when you get on one


Thank for your kind word, really appreciate it :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: