Airlines Manager Tracking Thread



Where is the alliance menu? I dont see anything.

Never mind I found it but it wont let me open it. Do I need to be a higher level? I created my account on October 4 2019


It’s the badge-looking icon next to the golden shop icon on the right hand side of your screen


Go to your R&D (research and development) and unlock it


Ok. I’ll apply once I unlock it.


Are you guys going to expand to Paris Orly?


We might. We just launched 2 new routes with the 737-700er.
Calgary to Bogota
Calgary to Reykjavik.


You should open up Calgary to Houston


Downloading this game now. Any tips for a beginner?


I learnt my was as I played along. I would image that the forum will help :slight_smile:


Okay not trying to he paranoid

But why did it choose my home airports as my first flight?

Coincidence? i think not.


What do you mean


Can I register SkyTunt? image


Yes, of course you can.


Airline name: SkyTunt

Airline CEO: @Cheryl_Tunt

Hubs: KPHX

Fleet: 2X Emb 120, A220-100R,

Q-400, 747-300, A380

Number of countries served: 3


Special SkyTunt China livery being released soon!


Ah, Infinite Campus, every students worst nightmare, there parents knowing there grades the second they go into the gradebook


Guaranteed. Fortunately though only three of my teachers have uploaded to the grade book. And note we are already in week 8 or 9.


We’ve just hit week 11 and all of my teachers upload asap


We have 2 new routes!
SJO-ORY on the Aerolìneas Tico 787-8
LIR-ORY on a brand new A319-100LR


isnt that a pretty long route in a A319?