Airlines Manager Tracking Thread



How do I get that icon in that box?


The cards? Once it has loaded you press the button


Lol, that’s literally how I started my airline, but with San Jose, CR as a hub as well.

We hope to one day form a partnership with Central Airlines!!


As to you! We hope to partner as well!



Hub: Tampa (TPA/KTPA)
Destinations: Long Island MacArthur Islip Airport (ISP/KISP), Savannah Hilton Head (SAV/KSAV), Palm Beach International (PBI/KPBI)
Remarks: FarSkies is pleased to announce that we will be inaugurating 3 new routes from our Tampa hub starting tomorrow, 9/21/19. We will be adding service to Islip, Savannah, and Palm Beach International. We will be a new presence at Islip and Palm Beach International, and we are opening our second route to Savannah! East coast residents now have more options to fly into Florida and connect to the west coast or other areas using FarSkies!


4 daily flights

1100Z (7 AM EDT) Boeing 737-700
1500Z (11 AM EDT) Boeing 737-700
1800Z (2 PM EDT) Boeing 737-700
2200Z (6 PM EDT) Boeing 737-700


2 daily flights

1145Z (6:45 AM EDT) A220-100-R
0000Z (8:00 PM EDT) A220-100-R


4 daily flights

1045Z (6:45 AM EDT) Boeing 737-700
1530Z (11:30 AM EDT) Boeing 737-700
1945Z (3:45 PM EDT) A220-100-R
0100Z (9:00 PM EDT) A220-100-R


Guess you can say our first 737-700 based out of Baltimore is having a busy week!


@JacksonAviation Ouch! Looks like your 737-700 has no turn around time :joy:


Causally drops off pax on runway :joy:


You should see my schedules for my aircraft I’m pulling an EasyJet with sort turnaround times and high profits


So am I. That is how I make billions. Low cost services


I’m more legacy so I have 1 hour turn around times


Sooo, much money lost!


Yup money lost could’ve been money well spent


cough cough

I have $4.3 billion

cough cough


Cough cough… I had 25 billion until I spent some money on repairs, new fleet etc… I now have 23 billion. That was some expensive shopping :wink:


cough cough

I spent multiple billion dollars on airline quality, routes, airplanes, and staff in addition to the IFC Group :smirk:


Lol, did you look for that one here :joy:


I have never even heard of that book before :joy:


Nor have I :joy:


Less turnaround = more flights